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2009 Camp HighlightsBack

  • Dennis Damschroder was the Over 50 Cy Young winner.  Here he's pictured with his coaches, Julio Becquer and Rick Miller.
  • Dave Hinnenkamp receives his 2009 Under 50 Gold Glove Award from Tony Oliva and Jim Corci.
  • Our Over 50 Gold Glove Recipient was Don Cassels of Clear Lake, SD.  Here Don recieves his award from Tony Oliva, Bill Campbell and Jim Dwyer.
  • Under 50 MVP winner, Nick Ciola is pictured with his coaches, Frank Quilici and Dave Boswell.
  • Over 50 Camp MVP was Pat Wiesler.  Here Pat is pictured with Coach Ron Coomer.
  • Under 50 Cy Young winner, Tony Amon is pictured with Jim "Mudcat" Grant (seated), Tony Oliva, and Jim Corci.
  • 2009 Twins Camp Rookie of the Year - Mike Broe.  Mike is flanked by Tony Oliva and Gary Ellenson.
  • Camper Mike Arter makes a play from the "hot corner" in 2009 camp action.
  • Catcher Jim Irwin prepares for a play at the plate!
  • Camper, Craig McMacken makes a "highlight reel" catch in centerfield.
  • 2009 Twins Fest with Camp Social Media guru, Anne Dickman (r) with Bert and Gayle Blyleven!
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