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Wed, Feb 5th, 2014

Julio Becquer is Camp's Newest Hall of Fame Member

Julio Becquer reacts to the standing ovation given him by those in attendance at the Tuesday evening banquet in which his selection to the Twins Fantasy Camp Hall of Fame was announced.

The Minnesota Twins have been fortunate to have had on their rosters over the years, some incredible professionals.  Players who not only played the game the way it was intended to be played, but who have continued to demonstrate class and a passion for the game long after their own playing career has ended.  When you consider what former Twins might make up that list, Julio Becquer certainly belongs in the Club's Top 10!

A native of Cuba, Julio was signed by the Washington Senators and moved to Minnesota with them in 1961.  He played outfield and first base for the Twins in their early years here in the upper Midwest and when his career was over, chose to stay in Minnesota to make a life for he and his family.

He has been involved with the Twins Fantasy Camp for over two decades.  His smiling face and welcomed encouragement and coaching have become a constant each January.  "No one loves baseball and people more than Julio", said Stan Dickman.  "To say it just wouldn't be an official camp without him is an understatement.  Now, even in his 80's, he brings a youthful joy for the game that is simply contagious.  For all of these reasons, the camp's Hall of Fame members felt Julio to be a perfect representative of excellence in the camp experience."

In accepting this honor, Julio again proved eloquent in his remarks.  "It's hard for me to fully express what the camp and you all have meant to me.  It's more than the baseball, you are all like family to me.  The people I've met at camp are just the way people are supposed to be.  I thank you all for that and for allowing me to be a part of this incredible experience."

We also had some "unfinished" business with the camp Hall of Fame in 2014.  Last year we learned that Russ Sampson had also attended his 10th camp in 2013.  Russ received his plaque and Twins Camp Hall of Fame player's bag on Tuesday evening as well.

Russ Sampson receives his Hall of Fame plaque from camp director Stan Dickman.

On behalf of all of the members of the Twins Camp Family, we wish to congratulate both Julio and Russ on their Hall of Fame honors!

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