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Listed below are the rosters for the 2020 Minnesota Twins Baseball Fantasy Camp.  This year's camp was another sell-out, with 10 full squads.  The 2020 Camp was a sellout by July 1st of last year, so we urge you to Register now to secure your spot on one of the 2021 teams.

The Minnesota Twins Baseball Fantasy Camp is the officially licensed camp of the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club. The camp is held in Fort Myers, Florida at the Lee County Sports Complex – Spring Training Headquarters of the Twins. Next year's camp is tentatively scheduled for January 9th - 16th, 2021.

The Pro Managers are highlighted in Red.  In addition to the coaches listed below, Baseball Hall of Fame member, Bert Blyleven is also members for our Pro Staff, and serves as the Camp's Commissioner of Baseball. 

2020 Twins Fantasy Camp



  TEAM #2   TEAM #3 TEAM #4 Team #5
Night Crawlers   Fantasize This   Forty-Forty Club   Game 7 We Are Family

Gene Larkin

Mark Salas

Alan Dahlen

Steve Kluvers

Scott Morvig

Jim Hentges

Ryan Niedfeldt

Loren Page

Nick Dahlen

Buford Faust

Abby Geisler

George Ladd

Alan Page


Juan Rincon

Mickey Hatcher

Toby Gardenhire

Staci Melby

Mark Besser

Steve Payne

Tim Vernon

Todd Heitkamp

Brian Payne

Paul Smith

Dave Blankers

Tracey Gohmann

John Green

Matt Stergios

Nick Heitkamp


Tony Oliva

Dick Stigman

Tommy Watkins

Jeff Belzer

Dick Popp

Lance Anderson

Ric Oliva

Tim Hasse

Terry Amundson

Josh Popp

Rod Friese

Reese Doffing

Doug Doescher

Rick Olson

Frank Brown

Frank Viola

Jeff Reardon

Bob Spector

Paul Bennett

Greg Dahl

Jimmy Stearns

Bill Clabots

Tim Salter

Dave Roiger

Mark Brooks

Shane Schmidt

Scott London

Barry Karon

Mark Wolfe

Glen Perkins

Milt Cuyler

Scott Nelson

Paul Habig

Kasey Kilde

Craig Yelle

Brian Habig

Lisa Ernst

Karsen Yelle

Tom Riehm

Keith Habig

Jason Pace

Steve Nelson

Eric Nelson



TEAM #7   TEAM #8   TEAM #9 TEAM#10
  Dirty Dozen
  Coyote Uglies Team Smoke

Al Newman

J.C. Romero

David Prybilla

Rick Pedersen

Ron Smith

Ryan Hess

Ben Cleveland

Nick Pedersen

Don Henes

Jim Lundeen

Kevin Miller

Stuart Dickman

Allen Boettsher

Adam Nelson


Matt LeCroy

Phil Roof

Dan Williams

Randy Lott

Adam Bongard

Gordon Noggle

Mark Perman

Matt Modell

Bert Bongard

Phil Prosapio

Tony Bongard

Paul Kratoska

Jim Furlong

Brian Lott


Bill Campbell

Steve Braun

Dick Peters

Johnny Moore

Steve Davis

Bob Sarvey

Jeff Peters

Lloyd Kepple

Terry Miller

Andrew Peterson

Ben Kepple

Mike Peterson

Mark Bellrichard

Brent Larson 

Kent Hrbek

Tim Laudner

Dustin Hinnenkamp

Bob Lange

Bruce Grachek

Sal Roseland

Scott Hinnenkamp

Rick Bruce

Mike Doetkott

Scot Trumbull

Eric Berg

Dave Hinnenkamp

Randy Grachek

Brad Heil

Juan Berenguer

Stu Cliburn

Ron Watson

Gerry Seurer

Tony Basile

Justin Seurer

Bruce Thome

Dale Bjerke

Jason Seurer

John Orf

Kevin Marden

Gerad Seurer

Bill Trubeck

Dave Essler



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