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2020 Twins Camp Award Winners

Cy Young  Over 50

Nominees included: Dick Peters, Jim Hentges, John Moore, Randy Lott, Bob Lange, Paul Kratoska, Craig Yelle, Rick Pedersen, Scott Hinnenkamp, Mark Wolfe & Dave Roiger. 
The 2020 Cy Young Award Winner is - John Moore

Cy Young Under 50

Nominees included: Lance Anderson, Nick Dahlen, Paul Bennett, Ben Kepple, Staci Melby & Ryan Hess.
The 2020 Cy Young Award is: Lance Anderson

Gold Glove Over 50

Nominees included: Dave Hinnenkamp, Rick Bruce, Randy Lott, Mike Doetkott, Rick Olson, Scot Trumbull, Matt Stergios,  Rick Bruce & Greg Dahl.
The 2020 Gold Glove Recipient is: Mike Doetkott

Gold Glove Under 50

Nominees included: Nick Heitkamp, Matt Modell, Ryan Hess, Keith Habig, & Brian Payne.
The 2020 Gold Glove Recipient is: Ryan Hess

Rookie of the Year

Nominees included: Matt Modell, Dustin Hinnenkamp, Keith Habig, Nick Dahlen, Brian Payne, & Kasey Kilde.
The 2020 Rookie of the Year Award Winner is:  Matt Modell

Most Valuable Player - Over 50

Nominees were: Dave Roiger, Dave Hinnenkamp, Steve Payne, Randy Lott, Greg Dahl & Kevin Miller.
The 2020 Over 50 Most Valuable Player is: Randy Lott

Most Valuable Player - Under 50

Nominees Included: Bob Wilber, Staci Melby, Ryan Hess, Tracey Gohmann, Nick Heitkamp, David Prybilla, Paul Bennett & Josh Popp.
The 2020 Most Valuable Player for the Under 50's is: David Prybilla 

Kirby Puckett Award

Nominees were: Gordon Noggle, Brad Heil, Scott Morvig, Stu Dickman, Matt Stergios, Brian Habig, Terry Amundson, Lloyd Kepple, Bob Spector & Paul Kratoska.
The 2020 Kirby Puckett Award winner is: Matt Stergios


2020 Twins Camp - Leading Hitters

Lance Anderson .733
David Prybilla .722
Dave Hinnenkamp .700
Keith Habig .667
Mike Doekott .650
Kevin Miller .650
Brian Payne .650

Matt Modell

Jason Pace .619
Justin Seurer



The 2020 Camp saw the addition of a new Twins Camp Award, the Silver Slugger Award!  The Silver Slugger goes to the Camper that reaches the minimum qualifying "At Bats" and with the highest batting average for the week. While we congratulate all of this year's Camp Award recipients, we are reminded that it's the people that participate in this week of baseball heaven that make it such an incredible and memorable experience!  Thanks to the Campers, members of our Pro Staff and the support team of the camp for an incredible week!  See you next year!   


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