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2018 Twins Camp Award Winners

Cy Young  Over 50

Nominees included: Dick Peters, Mark Wolfe, Bill Clabots, Randy Lott, Mike Slattery & Scott Hinnenkamp. 
The 2018 Cy Young Award Winner is - Dick Peters

Cy Young Under 50

Nominees included: Josh Popp, Andrew Wiliams, Scott Paulson, & Eric Watson.
The 2018 Cy Young Award is: Andrew Williams

Gold Glove Over 50

Nominees included: Dave Hinnenkamp, Jim Stearns, Nick Biondo, Mike Hickey, Abby Geisler, & Buford Faust.
The 2018 Gold Glove Recipient is: Dave Hinnenkamp

Gold Glove Under 50

Nominees included: Jim Sullivan, Robb Bader, Eric Watson, Blake Faust, Eddie Munoz & Ryan Hess.
The 2018 Gold Glove Recipient is: Robb Bader

Rookie of the Year

Nominees included: Ted Hoffman, David Prybilla, Eric Watson, Mark Wolfe, Robb Bader & Todd Heitkamp.
The 2018 Rookie of the Year Award Winner is: Eric Watson

Most Valuable Player - Over 50

Nominees were: Tim Salter, Johnny Moore, Jim Stearns, Scott Trumbull, Dick Peters, Bob Lange, Shane Schmidt, & Dave Hinnenkamp.
The 2018 Over 50 Most Valuable Player is: Bob Lange

Most Valuable Player - Under 50

Nominees Included: Andrew Williams, Paul Bennett, David Prybilla, Todd Holsman, Ryan Hess, Eric Watson, Josh Popp & Lance Anderson.
The 2018 Most Valuable Player for the Under 50's is: David Prybilla

Kirby Puckett Award

Nominees were: Todd Heitkamp, Gordon Noggle, Jack Stamp, Lisa Ernst & Jason Zerck.
The 2018 Kirby Puckett Award winner is: Jason Zerck


2018 Twins Camp - Leading Hitters

Andrew Williams .765
Jim Stearns .687
Lance Anderson  .687
Robb Bader .632
Will Sperduto .632
David Prybilla .555
Mark Heaney .555

Bob Lange

Nick Biondo

Curt Eshleman

Dave Hinnenkamp



While the baseball was fantastic once again in 2018, it's the people that participate in this week of baseball heaven that make it such an incredible and memorable experience!  Thanks to the Campers, members of our Pro Staff and the support team of the camp for an incredible week!  See you next year!   


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