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Again in 2017, a two division play-off format was used at the Minnesota Twins Baseball Fantasy Camp. With monsoon type rains on Friday of this year, our play-offs were washed out.  So, the top two teams in each team played for their respective championship on Saturday. 

The Blue Division was comprised of the following four teams: "The Hello Newmans, Wild Cats, Gotcha by the Balls, and SQL's".  The Red Division consisted of the following four teams: "The Hrsampskis, Walking Dead, Three Amigos and the All Nighters".

The final 2016 camp pool standings ended as follows:

Team Wins Losses Runs Allowed Runs Scored
Lucky 13's 5 2 23 40
Bru-Less 5 2 23 30
Last Chance 5 2 40 76
3 Stooges 3 4 37 42
Warriors 3 4 45 23
12 Ugly Bastards & Abby 3 4 54 30
Game 7 2 5 47 35
In The Bag 2 5 56 36

In the Red Division Championship Game, Game 7led by Coaches Frank Viola and Jeff Reardon downed Al Newman and Eric Rasmussen's Walking Dead in Saturday's opening game, 9-3.   The Game 7 squad included:

Steve Lufkin Josh Nelson Tarron Borgeson Marty Davis
Jim Sullivan Eric Nelson Jim Stearns Jeff Mackey
Dave Roiger Mark Davis Lee Pell Paul Gerber
Doug Doescher  Mark Valen  Rick Olson  

In Saturday's Blue Division championship game featured another hottly contested game.  "Bru-Less" led by Coaches Kent Hrbek and Eric Tim Laudner, collided with the "Lucky 13's" coached by Bill Campbell and Steve Braun.  The Lucky 13's outdueled Bru-Less in a well pitched and played championship game, 5-3.  The victorious Lucky 13's squad included:

Paul Bennett Terry Amundson Curt Sampson Randy Sampson
Randy Lott Tony Basile Joe Sampson John Torniero
Adam Sampson Kevin Marden Paul Sampson Eddie Munoz
Matt Sampson      
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